The CHB Difference

Driven by a passion for people and a belief that relationships are transformative, we relentlessly advocate for our clients and take joy in exceeding expectations through responsive, reliable and collaborative communication rooted in industry expertise and guided by innovative technology.


A real Estate Fiduciary

Did you know there are 35,000 real estate agents in the Denver area? In recent years, the Denver real estate industry has exploded…and with that, many new agents who are looking to make a quick buck. We believe that you deserve a better Realtor®. One who is trustworthy, knowledgable and dependable. One who guides and informs your real estate goals for life. Let us show you the Co Home Base difference. 



We are your trusted advisors, offering invaluable insights and expert guidance to help you navigate the ever-evolving market with well informed and strategically sound advice.



We are dedicated coaches to your success. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with you so that you can further your real estate knowledge and goals. 



We are in the industry for the long haul. We are your partners for a lifetime of real estate goal planning, continuously adapting our strategies to align with your evolving needs and aspirations. 

We are constantly asking...
is there a better way?

How can we provide more value to our clients?

Is there a better way to buy and sell real estate?

How can we impact communities and families through good business?


Since 2006

The real estate industry has seen dramatic and unprecedented changes in the last 2 decades. Our Company has withstood the 2008 mortgage crisis, the boom of a growing industry and the fallout of the 2020 covid crisis. No matter what the industry holds, we are ready to adapt and provide you with the best and most professional real estate services in the Denver metro area.


what Drives Our Company

As a boutique real estate firm, we are grounded in our identity and pride ourselves on offering personalized service that simply cannot be matched by larger firms.

Our brand identity is more than words on a page, it is how we operate our business every day.


Our Spirit is fueled by our desire to create value through relationship. We are fanatically focused on providing value to clients, the community and the industry.


Our spirit goes over and above what is required to ensure that we achieve excellence. Our Spirit is not satisfied with mediocrity when excellence is an option.


Our spirit is competitive. We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.


Our spirit is entrepreneurial. We are not afraid of taking calculated risks knowing the rewards and benefits possible from succeeding.


Our spirit is humble and always gives the benefit of the doubt, but stands firm in the face of unethical or deceptive practices.


Our spirit is passionate and contagious. We love the real estate industry and are genuinely excited to bring others into our passion.

We are here for every step in your real estate endeavors

Our commitment to clients extends far beyond the initial transaction. We’re not just here for a single sale; we’re here to support you throughout your lifetime of real estate endeavors.


Access to exclusive news and market updates

CO Home Base is a full service boutique brokerage that prioritizes relationships over transactions and believes that real estate is an opportunity, a sanctuary and an investment that can radically change people’s lives
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