short Term Rentals

Whether you are interested in maximizing income potential for your family vacation home or creating a portfolio of short term rental properties, our team is ready to guide you. 


Modern Real Estate

We are not your grandpa’s real estate company…but we do love your grandpa! We understand the ever evolving world of short term rentals and seek to help you maximize your profit and achieve your real estate goals. Utilizing technology and unsurpassed local expertise, we can help you identify property as opporutnity. 


Invest in Adventure

Colorado is full of magical adventures no matter the season. That is why your Airbnb or short term rental should take advantage of all that Colorado naturally offers. 

We are constantly asking...
is there a better way?

How can we provide more value to our clients?

Is there a better way to buy and sell real estate?

How can we impact communities and families through good business?

what level of support do you need?

we Support
Your goals

Do you need a consultation? Are you an out of town buyer? Do you need renovation to an existing property to maximize profit? Do you need to sell your short term rental? We are entrepreneurs too; we think like you do and speak your language. We prioritize your short term goals and never lose sight of your ultimate real estate investment goals. 

Location matters

We help you select a location that attracts a steady stream of travelers, whether it's a popular tourist destination, a business district, or a cultural hub.

Property Features

We help you choose a property that caters to your target audience. Consider factors like size, amenities, and style to ensure it appeals to potential guests.

Professional Marketing

We help you to showcase your property's appeal with professional photography and can guide your marketing materials.

Continued Improvement

We can help you pivot based on customer's feedback and provide updated information on Colorado's short term rental markets.
"Real estate is an opportunity, a sanctuary and an investment that can radically change people’s lives.”
Seth Sorensen
CO Home Base Founder


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CO Home Base is a full service boutique brokerage that prioritizes relationships over transactions and believes that real estate is an opportunity, a sanctuary and an investment that can radically change people’s lives
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