Our Selling Process

Our selling process isn’t just a checklist; it’s a comprehensive journey designed to maximize your success and exceed your expectations.

Technology Meets Expertise

With years of experience, an unwavering commitment to being your real estate agents for life, and a selling process that’s second to none, we proudly stand as your trusted partners in the Denver real estate market. 

Our Selling process combines the newest technology with our years of experience to maximize your home’s market potential. 

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Our Personalized Process

Pre Listing

Property Evaluation Our pricing strategy is unparalleled. We meticulously evaluate your property's worth, taking into account market dynamics, local trends, and the unique attributes of your home.
Strategic Planning Our in-house graphic designer collaborates with our team to create compelling marketing materials that showcase your property's best features, ensuring it stands out in a competitive market.
Home Enhancement We provide expert guidance on preparing your home for sale, making cost-effective recommendations that can significantly increase its value.


Marketing Mastery Our marketing skills are a cut above the rest. We employ data-driven strategies and captivating visuals to capture the attention of potential buyers, both locally and beyond.
Negotiation Prowess Our experienced agents are skilled negotiators, tirelessly working to secure the best possible terms and price for your property.
Smooth Transactions We guide you through every step of the sale process using our unique seller's portal that keeps the entire transaction on track.

Post Listing

Agents for Life Our commitment to being your real estate agents for life doesn't end at the closing table. We stay in touch, providing valuable insights, market updates, and support for all your future real estate needs.
Community Connection As proud members of the Denver community, we keep you informed about local events, developments, and opportunities that may impact your property's value.
Home Management Portal Our unique home ownership portal provides a centralized hub to proactively maintain, update and organize your home.


Our pricing strategy ensures you receive the best value for your property in today’s dynamic markets. 


We don’t just do the status quo. Our in house designer goes over and above to create unique materials that showcase your home. 


Our qualified and trusted vendors can step in to refresh, renovate and stage your home. 


We are top tier qualified negotiation experts who always advocate for our client’s best interests. 


our Selling Concierge Services

We aim to prepare your home for an optimal launch on the market. After assessing your property’s needs via a walkthrough, we work together to find opportunities to increase its value and profitability.

Select Services might include:

We are constantly asking...
is there a better way?

How can we provide more value to our clients?

Is there a better way to buy and sell real estate?

How can we impact communities and families through good business?

Technology. expertise. convenience.

With multiple parties involved, deadlines that have to be met and documents to be signed, it can be an overwhelming process.

The CHB home selling portal keeps everyone connected and provides a centralized hub for documents and deadlines. 

We are revolutionizing how you sell homes by combining technology, expertise and convenience.

Document Storage

No more digging through emails to double check a document. Centralized document storage keeps everyone on the same page.

Deadline Tracking

Sync your phone or preferred calendar with the deadline tracking tool and never worry about being on time.

Centralized Communication

Message our team from within the app and keep all communication in one easy to find place.

Knowledge Center

From the process to the inspection to the closing table, our knowledge center empowers you with tools to educate and advance your real estate knowledge.

phone sell portal

Ready. Set. Sell.

Questions about our selling process? Want to get the ball rolling? Reach out today for a no strings attached consultation. We’d love to earn your business. 


Access to exclusive news and market updates

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